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Bullion Rum Bartenders Business

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Ben Reed, Director at Bullion Rum, talks about his idea behind launching Bullion and shares the story behind its intriguing packaging.

Ben spent five years sailing ex-Americas Cup vessels in the Caribbean, where rum was cheaper than water! Although he was surrounded by expensive yachts, no rum brand denoted wealth; everything was pirate-related, and thus the seed of an idea germinated. When he returned to the United Kingdom, he worked at his family's video production company and never had time to work on it. However, during the pandemic of 2020, he discovered that he had plenty of time. Unsure of what else he could do, Ben seized the opportunity to start a rum company. The bottle was created and manufactured by him, and it sold out in the first year. He began with a gold bottle of salted caramel and vanilla spiced rum, which is now available from most UK online stores and has won numerous awards, including a World Rum Award. Bullion Rum is working on a variety of flavour's that will be released this year. Clink the link below to read the full article.

Ben Reed Bullion Rum Co Founder
Ben Reed Bullion Rum Co Founder

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