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Bullion spiced rum premium collection

Bullion Rum

The Full Story

Bullion Rum was born from the high seas and the visionary spirit of Ben Reed, a seasoned sailor and entrepreneur. Ben's journey began as a skipper on America's Cup yachts in St. Maarten, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for rum, discovering that amidst the grandeur of luxury yachts, no rum brand truly embodied the essence of sophistication and wealth. Driven by a desire to redefine the rum industry, Ben set sail on a new adventure during the pandemic of 2020, establishing Bullion Rum as a symbol of exploration, craftsmanship, and premium quality.

Our Mission At Bullion Rum, our mission is to craft exceptional spiced rums that capture the spirit of adventure and the essence of luxury. We strive to create unique and unforgettable rum experiences, blending the finest ingredients with meticulous craftsmanship. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence guides every step of our journey, from sourcing to distillation, ensuring that each bottle of Bullion Rum delivers unparalleled taste and quality.

Bullion Rum's distillation process is a testament to our dedication to quality and refinement. Our rums are distilled three times in Guyana, leveraging the expertise of one of the finest distilleries in the region. The fourth distillation takes place at the historic Hensol Castle Distillery in Wales, where we use pure Welsh water filtered through the mountains of the Brecon Beacons. This unique combination of distillation techniques and pristine water results in a rum that is both pure and complex, offering a smooth and sophisticated drinking experience.

The Bullion Rum Premium Collection

Our premium collection features five exquisite flavors, each crafted to perfection:

  1. Bullion Gold Original - A homage to traditional spiced rum, with a balanced profile of sweetness and                                        warmth.

  2. Bullion Java Banana - A unique blend of vanilla and banana, offering a tropical twist.

   3. Bullion Coconut - A rich and creamy escape to tropical bliss.

   4. Bullion Passion Fruit - A zesty and exuberant flavour for a refreshing experience.

   5. Bullion Triple Cherry - Our latest creation, combining the richness of three cherry varieties for a bold                                               and fruity taste.

Each flavour can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or mixed into your favourite cocktails,

providing versatility and delight for every palate.


Benefits for Distributors and Importers of Bullion Rum offers a unique point of difference for distributors and importers worldwide. Our award-winning rums have garnered prestigious accolades, including the World Rum Award and gold medals from the Spirits Business Global Rum & Cachaça Masters Competition. These accolades, coupled with our distinctive packaging inspired by gold bullion bars, make Bullion Rum a standout choice for premium spirits portfolios. Our commitment to sustainability and innovative flavors ensures that Bullion Rum resonates with modern consumers seeking quality and environmental responsibility.


Sustainability and Innovation: Sustainability is at the core of Bullion Rum’s ethos. We source our spices and natural flavours responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our distillation process at Hensol Castle Distillery is designed to be energy-efficient, and we prioritize using eco-friendly materials in our packaging. By blending tradition with innovation, we continue to develop exciting new flavour profiles, keeping Bullion Rum at the forefront of the rum industry.

A Tribute to Craftsmanship and Adventure: Bullion Rum is more than just a drink; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery. Each bottle reflects Ben Reed’s maritime heritage and the vibrant Caribbean culture that inspired him. From the luxurious design of our bottles to the intricate balance of flavors, Bullion Rum stands as a testament to passion, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Join the Bullion Rum Revolution As we chart new waters and expand our reach, Bullion Rum invites adventurers and connoisseurs alike to savour the essence of modern spiced rum. With plans to launch in India and the U.S., and growing interest from markets worldwide, Bullion Rum is poised to become an internationally renowned powerhouse. Join us in celebrating the spirit of adventure and the art of exceptional rum with Bullion Rum. Cheers to new horizons!

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