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AHOY!! World’s First Blue Java Banana Flavoured Rum’s Trans-Atlantic Success!

Updated: Feb 22

World’s First Blue Java Banana Flavoured Rum

bullion spiced rum blue java banana bottle

With the UK Rum market becoming the third largest in the world in 2022 according to a recent report by Campari Group UK, one Welsh business, Bullion Rum is seeing gold… literally World’s First Blue Java Banana Flavoured Rum.

Owner Ben Reed and business partner Sue have been hard at work developing what they believe to be the world’s first Java Banana Flavoured Rum, which is due to launch in September 2022.

Bullion Rum, who’s signature rum’s flavour profile consists of Salted Caramel and Vanilla in classy, bullion gold-bar style bottles, knew instantly that the unique Java Banana was an avenue worth exploring and have spent the past few months developing the taste, look and feel of their new stand-out product.

The Java Banana, also known as blue banana, is a robust banana cultivar known for its sweet aromatic fruit, described as having an ice cream-like consistency and a vanilla flavour.

While the Java banana usually grows in Southeast Asia, they are found in other tropical parts, Hawaii being one of them, where the fruit is referred to as the ‘ice-cream banana’.

Having spent a part of his life sailing and racing ex Americas Cup yachts in the Caribbean, company owner Ben Reed developed a liking for good Rum, which was cheaper to buy than water on some islands! “Rum was delicious and very popular where I was, but nothing truly stood out on the back shelf of the bar”, coming home to a family tradition of working in hospitality, Ben found his opportunity when the pandemic struck. Suddenly, with time on his hands, he began to develop a product he truly believed in.

And in such a short time, the company has already cracked America, with a shipment of the original and new Java Banana flavour on its way to the Eastern Coast everywhere from New York to Miami through a Caribbean-born importer.

“The product caught my attention because of its extraordinary packaging and original flavour” – the Agent said.

“The taste suits its bravado … Rich and glamorous, bringing back the age of Hollywood past. I believe this attention grabber will fit well into the American market.. As importers, we have great expectations for the brand. This should be a hit”.

Ben added, ‘I am particularly happy that a Caribbean Importer is endorsing this product, as it adds kudos to the fact that it’s great to be taking rum back to where it all started in the Caribbean!’

The Rum is distilled at Hensol Castle Distillery, by Master Distiller Dai Wakely proudly telling of their collaboration:

“I’ve not seen anything like Bullion Rum in my 10 years in the industry. It’s one of few truly distilled spiced rums on the market, and we’ve created one of the finest spiced rum bases that is now used throughout Bullions range.

“Thankfully working tirelessly with Ben, we truly believe we have created the ideal flavour profile. We infuse natural fresh bananas and have concocted a natural flavour that mimics the taste of vanilla ice cream which will surely be loved by the masses”.

Like many food and drink start-up businesses in Wales, Bullion Rum found much of the support they needed to take-off from Cywain, a ‘Menter a Busnes’ business support service funded by The Welsh Government.

“The support from Cywain, specifically from Nia Môn has been outstanding” – says Sue Powell-Reed.

“They were able to help us with understanding the drinks industry, intellectual property and many other things through workshops. They also gave us an opportunity to trade at the Royal Welsh Show this July which was incredible”.

Bullion Rum can be purchased from their website, along with pre-orders of their exciting new flavour… with many more to come from now until Christmas. Keep those eyes ‘peeled’.

World’s First Blue Java Banana Flavoured Rum.

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