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Bullion Spiced Rum Premium Collection

Updated: Feb 22

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with Bullion Spiced Rum Premium Collection, the exquisite spiced rum that transcends boundaries. Meticulously crafted in Demerara, our liquid masterpiece showcases a symphony of organic flavours and handpicked spices sourced from around the world. Unleash your senses as Bullion takes you on a journey through time, distilled twice at Guyana's renowned Demerara Distillery—a heritage site of three centuries—where excellence is an art form, celebrated globally for its award-winning rums, and surrender to the allure of Bullion.

photo of bullion spiced rum java banana winning gold award for flavour and taste

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary blend of natural flavours and exotic spices that define Bullion Spiced Rum. Immerse yourself in a sensorial experience where sweetness, warmth, and depth harmonise flawlessly, culminating in an irresistibly award winning smooth finish.

Our triple distillation process ensures unrivalled purity and refinement, with an extra touch of perfection: Welsh water filtered through the majestic Brecon Beacons, exclusively added during the third distillation at Hensol Castle Distillery. Encased in a uniquely shaped bottle reminiscent of a prestigious Bullion bar, and featuring a twist lock cap for effortless pouring, Bullion presents a vision of elegance and functionality.

Embark on a journey rooted in the rich history and heritage of Guyana, where the art of rum production has been perfected over centuries. Bullion beckons you to embrace the fusion of luxury and tradition, to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of taste and refinement. Unveil the legacy of Bullion, an invitation to saver the finest moments in life and indulge in the true essence of decadence. Elevate your senses, unlock the treasures of the modern day pirate within, and join the exclusive league that knows Bullion is more than a rum—it's an experience that defines exquisite living.

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