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bullion spiced rum range at castle Howell food festival trade show

Updated: Feb 22

Dive into Bullion Rum's outstanding achievement at the Pembrokeshire Trade Show, powered by the Castle Howell Distributor partnership. bullion spiced rum range at castle Howell food festival

photo of bullion spiced rum range at castle Howell food festival trade show

The scenic town of Pembrokeshire, Wales, played host to an unforgettable event that left everyone buzzing - Bullion Rum's remarkable showcase at the Pembrokeshire Trade Show, proudly presented by Castle Howell Distributor. In this article, we'll delve into the highlights of Bullion Rum's recent triumphant trade show and explore why it marked a significant milestone for this emerging brand.

Before we unravel the success story, let's understand the importance of the Castle Howell Distributor collaboration. Castle Howell is a renowned name in the realm of food and beverage distribution, based in Carmarthen, South Wales. For years, they've been the trusted bridge, connecting premium products to retailers and hospitality businesses across the region. Joining forces with Castle Howell was a strategic move for Bullion Rum, setting the stage for an unforgettable trade show experience. The Pembrokeshire Trade Show has always been an excellent platform for local businesses to exhibit their products. This year, Bullion Rum chose this prestigious event to introduce its extraordinary collection of artisanal rums.

Bullion Rum, a relatively new contender in the world of spirits, has been gaining recognition for its unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional rum. Their philosophy is simple yet profound - to produce small-batch, high-quality rum that encapsulates the soul of Guyanese rum. The Pembrokeshire Trade Show provided the perfect stage for Bullion Rum to introduce its collection to a broader audience, The central attraction of Bullion Rum's presence at the trade show was undoubtedly their tasting experience. Attendees were warmly invited to savour the diverse range of Bullion Rums, each with its unique flavour profile, painstakingly created using honoured distilling methods. From the deep and intricate notes of the rums to the vivacious, tropical flavours of the spiced variants, Bullion Rum delivered an authentic taste of Guyana.

What set this trade show apart was the invaluable opportunity to meet the passionate individuals behind Bullion Rum. The founders, with their genuine enthusiasm for the art of rum-making, were on hand to share their expertise and anecdotes. Attendees had the chance to gain insight into the intricacies of rum production and the fascinating stories behind each bottle.

The Pembrokeshire Trade Show was not just about showcasing Bullion Rum to a broader audience; it was also an opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with potential distributors and partners. With Castle Howell Distributor as their ally, Bullion Rum established a promising network to expand its reach.

The Pembrokeshire Trade Show marked a resounding success for Bullion Rum. The exposure, connections, and positive feedback garnered during this event are certain to propel the brand to new heights. With Castle Howell by their side, Bullion Rum is well-positioned to become a household name in bars, restaurants, and homes throughout Wales and beyond.

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