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Golden Opportunity: How Ben Reed Built Bullion Spiced Rum into a Multi Award-Winning Brand

Updated: Feb 22

From the high seas to global acclaim, join Ben Reed’s captivating journey as he steers Bullion Rum towards a multi award-winning triumph in the world of premium spiced rums.

Ben Reed, a seasoned sailor with a lifelong love for the ocean, has transformed his passion into a magnificent business venture. After navigating the tropical waters of St Maarten as a skipper on 87’ America’s Cup yachts and discovering the rich cultures of the Caribbean, he created Bullion Spiced Rum - a premium rum brand like no other. Ben Reed, saw an opportunity while enjoying a drink at the local beach bar in St. Martin. Noticing the prevalence of pirate-themed rums but a lack of premium options inspired by the luxury yacht scene, Reed founded Bullion Rum in 2020 to fill that gap.

photo of Ben Reed owner of Bullion rum on the left shows ben sailing in the Caribbean and on the right shows ben launching bullion rum

Bullion Rum produces high-quality, spiced rums distilled in Demerara and blended with natural flavours and spices from around the world. The rums are distilled twice at one of the best Guyanese distilleries, with a third distillation taking place at Hensol Castle Distillery in the U.K. Bullion uses pure Welsh spring water to create its signature flavour profiles, which include Bullion Gold Original, Bullion Java Banana, Bullion Coconut and Bullion Passion Fruit.

In just two years, Bullion Rum has already achieved tremendous success and accolades. The brand won several prestigious awards in 2021 / 2022, including a World Rum Award, London Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge, International Wine and Spirits and Maker of the Year and People’s Choice Awards, also voted No.1 in the Pirate’s Rum Bible poll. Bullion also won gold awards at the Spirits Business Global Rum & Cachaca Masters Competition.

Bullion Rum is now selling across multiple platforms and sending shipments as far as French Polynesia, Iceland and Spain.

Bullion is set to launch in India before the end of 2023 and talks are underway with the USA .

Looking ahead, Reed aims to continue expanding Bullion Rum’s market share and build it into an internationally recognised brand.

The future looks bright for Bullion Rum and Ben Reed, finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards—known as “The Grammys of Entrepreneurship.” The awards will be held on November 20th at London’s Grosvenor House.

How Ben Reed Built Bullion Spiced Rum into a Multi Award-Winning Brand.

How Ben Reed Built Bullion Spiced Rum into a Multi Award-Winning Brand Great British Entrepreneur Awards logo

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