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Meet Damion Lee | Bullion Spiced Rum Brand Ambassador

Updated: Feb 22

bullion spiced rum brand ambassador Damion

Meet Damion Lee | Bullion Spiced Rum Brand Ambassador

Meet Damion Lee, a proud Jamaican born and raised in Kingston, who has now made Wales his home. With a passion for music instilled in him from a young age, Damion has honed his skills as a DJ, earning the moniker “DJ Wicked.” He brings excitement to any dance floor and is a key player in creating unforgettable memories for happy couples on their big day.

Damion’s love for music is only matched by his love for the party lifestyle, which is a hallmark of Jamaican culture. In his family, gatherings and celebrations are synonymous with delicious drinks, and rum takes center stage as a staple.

As a seasoned connoisseur of cocktails, Damion was shocked to discover Bullion Rum - a spirit that pushed the boundaries of taste and offered a completely new and exciting flavour profile.

As a member of the Bullion team, Damion is thrilled to bring this exceptional rum to the masses.

Get ready to be transported to a new level of flavour with Bullion Rum and the expert guidance of Damion Lee, Bullion rum ambassador.

Instagram - @bulliondamion

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