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The Rum Lab - Bullion Spiced Rum 2024

Updated: Feb 22

My name is Ben Reed and it was inevitable that I’d end up in the Drinks industry. I come from a

very close family and grew up in a party atmosphere where my parents, their friends and my

grandparents were always enjoying a drink or two…. or three at our house. One grandfather

was the manager of many pubs and nightclubs around the city, and over the years, I had an

insight into the hospitality industry without realising it.

In my teens and early 20’s I travelled and worked overseas, firstly in the South of France and later

In the Caribbean on the Island of St Maarten. I lived in St Maarten for five years, working for a

company called12 Metre Regatta and was racing ex Americas Cup yachts. It was here where I

really discovered the love of rum and that was quite the journey to bring me to where I am today. Click the link below to read more.

The Rum Lab - Bullion Spiced Rum 2024

Ben Reed Co Founder Of Bullion Rum
Ben Reed Bullion Rum Co Founder

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