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Easy - Medium - Hard

Level - easy 

Level - easy 

Bullion spiced rum Gold original and Glass on table

Bullion Over Ice

Level - easy 

Bullion over ice is the way we like it!

Bursting with warm caramel and creamy vanilla on the nose, luxury hand made toffee at the start, sweet and smooth throughout with a medley of spices on the finish.  The finish is long and deep with cinnamon, all spiced berries and hand cut sweet orange peel.  Himalayan salt is minimal but present throughout.

Simple, tasty and delicious! 

Bullion Rum Pineapple punch🍍

Level - Easy

- 160 ml pineapple juice
- 60 ml spiced rum
- 3 Tbsp lime juice
- Ginger beer

- Fill 2 glasses with ice cubes. Pour half the pitcher
mixture into each glass and top each glass off with
ginger ale

Garnish with a pineapple wedge and enjoy!. 

This Bullion Rum Pineapple punch is a refreshing taste of summer!

Bullion spiced Rum Pineapple punch for summer
Bullion spiced rum ibiza sunset cocktail for summer

Bullion rum sunset! 🍒🍹

Level - Easy



- 12 ounces orange juice
- 3 ounces Bullion rum
- 2 ounces Grenadine
- Lime slices, for garnish
- Cherries slices, for garnish

Mix orange juice, Bullion rum and grenadine together in

a small pitcher, serve over ice and garnish... Enjoy!

The Doctors Spiced Rum Gold Rumtini

Level - Medium

With the weekend in full swing, set yourself the gold standard for cocktails with this new age Rumtini.
-40ml @bullionrum Spiced good rum.
-20ml @tiopepeuk Fine dry Sherry.
-10ml Homemade honey water*.
Stir & strain into a frozen pony glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist.
Homemade honey water:
-50ml runny honey
-25ml boiled water
~stir until the mix is combined & sufficient for pouring.

The Doctors Spiced Rum Gold Rumtini

Orange and Lime Spiced Rum Cocktail

Level - Medium

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)
- 3 lime slices
- 1 tablespoon sugar (plus extra for the rim)
- 50 ml Bullion rum
- 150 ml freshly squeezed and strained orange

- Put some sugar into a bowl, wet the rim
of 2 glasses and dip them into the sugar
- Add lime slices and sugar to a
shaker, and muddle well
- Add rum, orange juice, and crushed ice
- Shake well
- Empty into 2 glasses with cubed ice
- Garnish with fresh lime slices or peel.

Orange and Lime Spiced Rum Cocktail
Bullion spiced rum, Java Colada cocktail

Java Colada

Level - Easy


- 1 large ripe banana
- 50ml coconut milk
- 50ml Bullion java banana rum
- Hand full of ice cubes
- 4 scoops of good Vanilla ice cream
- pineapple leaf or banana for garnish

Blend the banana flesh with the coconut milk, Java banana rum, Ice cubes and the vanilla ice cream in a blender, Blend till smooth, then pour into a Glass. 

Add the garnish, a straw and serve! 

Summer Papacoco rum punch

Level - Medium


- 1 large ripe papaya, halved and seeds
scooped out
- 300ml coconut milk
- 200ml Bullion rum
- Small pinch of ground cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
- Garnish to taste

Blend the papaya flesh with the coconut milk in a blender, then pour through a sieve into a bowl. Add Bullion rum, cinnamon and vanilla and stir.

Transfer to a cocktail shaker and shake well, or pour into a large jug and whisk vigorously. Put some ice cubes into each glass and pour in the cocktail. Drink immediately, before the papaya starts to separate from the milk.

Summer rum Papa coco spiced rum punch
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