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Bullion Cherry spiced Rum 70cl 40% - Bottle Only 


Bullion Rum's Triple Cherry spiced rum, a harmonious creation born from the finest Guyanese rum, meticulously four times distilled for unmatched refinement. 


This luxurious elixir marries the natural flavours of red cherries, morello cherries, and maraschino cherries, ensuring a remarkable balance of sweet, tart, and sophisticated notes. 


As an added touch of opulence, creamy vanilla enriches the blend, akin to savouring a skilfully crafted cherry dessert. Every sip leaves you with a lingering cherry impression on your palate, a testament to the exceptional journey you've embarked upon. 


And there's more to savour—this vegan, gluten-free spirit is free from allergens, and it comes elegantly encased in a beautifully crafted red and gold bottle, making Bullion Triple Cherry spiced rum a truly unforgettable tasting and visual experience.


Unveiling an exquisite bouquet of aromas, Bullion Rum's Triple Cherry immediately enchants with the vibrant essence of Red cherries, Morello, and Maraschino Cherries, all harmoniously framed by the gentle embrace of creamy vanilla. As you take your first sip, Cherries take centre stage, ushering in a rich and complex array of flavours that captivate the palate. The journey is a sweet and smooth revelation, adorned with a medley of spices that infuse depth and intrigue into the tasting experience.


With each subsequent sip, the enchanting symphony of flavours continues to unfold, leading to a prolonged and captivating finish. Here, the memory of allspice-kissed berries and the radiant essence of cherries linger on the palate, leaving an enduring impression that ensures a luxuriously good experience with every indulgent drop. Bullion Triple Cherry spiced rum is a testament to the art of flavour composition, an experience that beckons you to savour its delightful nuances and craftsmanship.



Bursting with Red cherries, Morello and Maraschino Cherries all gracefully underscored by creamy vanilla on the nose, Cherries delight the senses with a rich and complex array of flavours at the start. The journey continues sweet and smooth with a medley of spices that add depth and intrigue to the palate. As the experience culminates, the finish is a long and enchanting symphony, leaving a lingering impression of allspice-kissed berries, and the bright essence of cherries on the finish, ensuring a luxuriously good experience with each and every drop.


Bullion Rum can be enjoyed neat over ice, or paired with a multitude of your preferred mixer.


You can also purchase Bullion rum through one of our online suppliers


Indulge in your very own liquid gold. 70cl 40% Alc



Bullion Cherry Spiced Rum 70cl 40%

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