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Bullion Spiced Rum Coconut Edition 70cl 40% alc / Vol 


Satisfy your tropical cravings with a taste of the tropics with a glass of Bullion coconut spiced rum. This coconut-flavored spirit brings the essence of sun-soaked islands to your taste buds, with its rich and delicious blend of toasted, sweet, and fresh coconut flavors. Whether you prefer to mix it into cocktails or enjoy it neat on the rocks, you're sure to relish in the tropical taste of this delightful rum. So, pour yourself a glass and get ready to escape to a tropical paradise with every sip. 🥃👑🥥🏝


Tasting Notes:


Bullion spiced rum coconut is a complex yet perfectly balanced combination of Sweet, Toasted and Fresh Coconut flavours, blended with a truly triple distilled Guyanese Rum, with spices sourced from all over the globe, A fourth distillation takes place in our Bullion rum vault to blend this silky, smooth coconut rum, which offers a creamy taste of the tropics and is perfect for sipping solo over ice or splashing with your favourite mixer for a refreshing tropical vibe.


An enriching experience in style and taste.


Bullion Spiced Rum Coconut can be enjoyed neat over ice, or paired with a multitude of your preferred mixer.


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Indulge in your very own liquid gold. 70cl 40% Alc MUST BE OVER 18+ TO ORDER


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Bullion Spiced Rum Coconut Edition 70cl 40% alc / Vol